Client: Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)
Date: 9/2017 – 8/2022
Service: Policy/Program Analysis, Technical Assistance
Market: IMPAQ Health
Client: Pennsylvania Insurance Department
Date: 5/2018 – 9/2018
Service: Technical Assistance
Market: IMPAQ Health
Client: New York State Health Foundation
Date: 11/2016 – 11/2018
Service: Policy/Program Analysis, Data Management, Data Collection & Operations
Market: IMPAQ Health
Client: Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
Date: 9/2017 – 9/2022
Service: Research Services, Technical Assistance
Market: IMPAQ Health
Client: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Date: 9/2018 – 9/2020
Service: Research Services
Market: IMPAQ Health
Client: Catholic Relief Services
Date: 4/2016-12/2016
Service: Program Evaluations, Impact Evaluations
Market: International Development
Client: U.S. Department of Labor
Date: 9/2015 – 9/2018
Market: Workforce Development, Social Programs, International Development
Client: U.S Department of Agriculture
Date: 9/2014 – 3/2019
Service: Survey Design, Sampling & Instrument Development, Data Collection & Operations, Analysis & Interpretation
Market: Social Programs
Client: John A. Hartford Foundation
Date: 1/2016 – 12/2018
Service: Process Evaluations, Mixed Method Evaluations
Market: IMPAQ Health
Client: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services - National Institutes of Health
Date: 8/2007-1/2008
Service: Program Evaluations, Research Services, Surveys & Data Collection
Market: Workforce Development